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Are you holding on to dead things?

I love having plants and flowers in my spaces. It’s like I can bring part of the outdoors inside and it really helps to liven up the place.

Up until recently I thought I didn’t have “the touch” when it came to caring for plants since I had had so many failed attempts before. So when I finally got into the swing of caring for my plant babies, I really felt like I’d accomplished something worthwhile – plus I added some lovely (and much-needed) color to my office space.

At the time I had a few potted plants in a back corner window behind my desk, a couple more potted plants and vase of cut flowers on tall cabinet in the other back corner, and a vase of cut flowers on my desk.

It was like a plant nursery in there and I loved it.

Then one day I noticed something that really kind of rocked me. I realized that my two vases of cut flowers had been dead and had even started stinking (as dead things tend to do).

The most startling fact about all of this was that since they smelled bad and the leaves had started falling off, it was clear that they had been dying or dead for several days – and it was like I was just noticing!

I learned a few things through this experience:

My comfort zone got the best of me. And I was the one who let it. Truthfully, I did notice that the flowers weren’t doing so well, especially the ones on my desk. But the fact of the matter is I wasn’t willing to do anything about it at the time because I’d reached a level of comfort that caused me to overlook the obvious.

I wasn’t being fully present. In fact, my excuse was “I’m too busy.” Being present is not just about noticing what’s going on in life, but also allowing yourself to experience it. It’s also about taking an active role, rather than being just a spectator and watching from the sidelines.

Opened my eyes to what else I was “letting slide.” I wondered what other dead things I’d allowed to have place in my life. I wondered what other dead weight I was carrying.

I started looking at my business processes and what I could straighten up in that area. I looked at the content that I create for Verve everyday. Were the graphics up to branding standards? If not, they were cut or redesigned. Was my writing clean, it’s message clear? If not, it was adjusted or scrapped altogether.

Life has to be pruned and adjusted. Like a plant, life is ever-changing and ever-growing – we adjust to it as it happens. Life is a living organism and has to be pruned of the things that shrivel up or become dead weight.

Because of this experience I’ve become more aware of my actions in life and in business. Being more mindful about where I am with things goals has been essential for staying on the right track and not settling back into stagnancy.

Learning to self-check myself against he standards I have for my business is also key. I know my limits but I also know what I’m capable of – when I fall short of that, it’s time to examine and correct the disconnect.

Your Turn
Take a look around your physical space and determine if anything needs to go. Do you have clutter lying around? Do you have clothes you haven’t worn or items that you haven’t used in awhile?

Examine your mental space – what’s been on your mind lately that’s holding you back from meeting your goals? Have you been dwelling on something that you need to move on from?

Have a great week,